When we ask the residence of Oregon whether they agree or disagree with the plan of The Grange, we were surprised with the response of the people. Here are the common reasons we got why they agree with the plan.

The Grange Plans To Donate To Schools

Casinos are one of the most biggest businesses in the world. The profit they get every year is enormous which enables them to build more casinos. We think that they really have a basis when they said that they can donate one hundred million dollars to the schools in Oregon. This donation can do so much on the quality of education that the students can get if this plan works well.

It Will Create Thousands Of Jobs With Health Care Benefits

The establishment is so big that it could create thousands of jobs. They will need experts in hospitality services, casino management, cleaning services, and more. Unemployment is an issue that continue to get worst. By putting up the casino, this won’t be an issue anymore for Oregon.

The Grange Will Attract Tourists

They want to create a big name. The Grange will attract tourist to visit Oregon to get a taste of world class casino experience. It will bring back the shine and joy to the deserted portion land of Wood Village, Oregon.