Even The Grange promises a wonderful outcome for Oregon, there were people who totally disagree with the idea. They said that they all heard it before and they don’t believe with the promises that The Grange has to offer. Here are the common reasons we got why they disagree with the plan.

It Will Kill Local Businesses


The Grange plans to build restaurants, bars, and stores all in one place. The locals fear that if the plan is executed, they will lose customer. Oregon already have small casinos which will be gravely affected if the plan is approved. They see The Grange as the biggest competitors that will take away their customers. This means that many families will lose their source of income.

Gambling Takes Away More Than It Gives

Some people view casinos as the takers. They believe that it takes advantage on the weakness of others to earn profit. It make sense that when a visitor lose, the casino wins. They rather keep the losers than the winners because that’s how they earn. Some people say that casinos have many gimmicks like the beginner’s luck and all the gambling systems they have are designed for you to lose.

It Will Take Away The Simplicity Of Oregon

Voters who said no agree that building a facility like this will take away the simple living in Oregon. They fear that if the plan becomes a success, Oregon will be a chaotic place. It will attract crimes and controversies which people don’t want in the community.