The Grange is not related to the famous fraternity in Oregon. There are confusion between the two. Many suggested to have the name changed since Order of Patrons of Husbandry or also known as “The Grange” got the name first.

The Plan


The Grange is a group of builders wanting to build a casino in Wood Village, Oregon. They believe that putting up the biggest casino in Oregon would benefit the residence around it. It will back the former glory of Oregon when people cheered together. It will serve as an event hall for concerts, conventions, and more.


They plan to build  a new community to bring businesses back to the deserted portion of Wood Village. They promise that all the amenities you expect will be present. There will be a huge center fountain at the front and wide park like structure. The Grange plans to build hotels, event centers, and casino altogether in one place.

A Future For Oregon

The Grange believes that by executing the plan, Oregon will benefit from the project. They plan to support schools and create thousands of jobs with health care benefits. It will bring tourist back to Oregon and bring back the joy the place once had.